The Best Flash Drive Data Recovery software in 2017

Wondershare Data Recovery is a deleted file recovery able to rescue more than 500 different formats and return entire partitions to life. The easiest way to use this software is through the wizard: specify the type of file to recover (photos, songs, videos, Office documents, emails) the path and finally the scan mode (normal or deep, this Last slower but more accurate). This Wondershare Data Recovery is quite meticulous in its search. The files are displayed by extension or path. It’s because of the preview and the information table it is possible to identify the files quite accurately. To retrieve them, select them and click Recover. The standard mode of this software shows more advanced options, such as partition recovery and raw data search, the last card you can play if no standard scan mode has worked for you. Powerful and well designed, Wondershare Data Recovery is a great file recovery. Your generous trial version will help you to rescue the data you need most urgently.

Some features of the program:

  • Recover your lost or deleted files with a single click
  • Recover your deleted files or file folders with their original names
  • Recover data even in folder format that have been lost and formatted in corrupted structures
  • Recover partitions of files deleted, lost, or have suffered errors
  • Search for files and recover them even when the system has been corrupted
  • Save and import previous scan files to recover data without re-scanning
  • Not only recovers documents, but also photos, videos, mails, files and music folders.
  • The deep data ration and its scanning can recover data even when other recovery functions cannot.
  • Recover from various devices
  • 100% safe, recover your data without risk of causing them any harm
  • Flexible and precise
  • You can pause and start over as needed according to your needs
  • Informs you the name, date, and file size so you can recover your data more effectively
  • View your files before downloading them to find the ones you need faster
  • Preview a page of files before downloading it to check the quality and effectiveness of the recovery

Simple Steps to recover data from Flash Drive

This time I will give you some simple steps to Recover data from flash drive.

Step 1 : Connect your USB drive to your computer and start the USB flash drive recovery program.

Step 2 : Select the type of file you want to recover.

Step 3 : Choose to recover files from the USB drive (removable devices).

Before scanning, you must select “Enable deep analysis”, this will allow you to perform a more exhaustive analysis of the lost files on your USB device. Of course, you can skip this long step if a complete analysis is not necessary.

Step 4 Preview and retrieve files from your USB drive.

When performing data recovery, you should not save the recovered files to the same USB drive. You should save them to other external devices or save them directly to your computer.

Before using the USB drive before Data Recovery

Before you perform a data recovery on a USB flash drive, what you must do first is to minimize data loss and increase the chance of recovery. The more activities take place on your USB stick, the more likely it is that data will be overwritten. To improve the possibilities of USB data recovery, remember that you should not use the USB drive to store new files, edit the documents stored on it or transfer more data to the USB drive.

This software is the best way to recovery your data. The steps described are also very much followed by people who are not familiar with computers. Many people use this and they are satisfied with their performance. This software is a mandatory software that must exist in your computer.