Digital Media And Web Technologies (BSc Hons)

Web technologies are ever-evolving and most organisations now have some type of net presence. This book addresses the issue of benchmarking Semantic Web Technologies; first, from a methodological perspective, proposing a general methodology to observe in benchmarking activities over Semantic Web Technologies and, second, from a practical viewpoint, presenting two worldwide benchmarking actions that concerned benchmarking the interoperability of Semantic Web technologies using RDF(S) as the interchange language in a single exercise and OWL in the other.

D3Network gives tools for creating D3 JavaScript network, tree, dendrogram, and Sankey graphs from R. rCharts (not on CRAN) and clickme (not on CRAN) permit for interactive Javascript charts from R. animint (not on CRAN) permits an interactive animation to be outlined using a listing of ggplots with clickSelects and showSelected aesthetics, then exported to CSV/JSON/D3/JavaScript for viewing in a web browser.

Because media are extensions of our minds and our bodies, we shape our tools and then our tools form us… We have created a pc which works best with the Web: the computer is our physique and the Web is our mind-the communication that takes place is an extension of our sense, mind and our bodies which we extend virally as now we have an extension of us via our nervous system in our physiological metabolism and mechanism.

This is what many consider and assume they know that techhnology is doing bad for the, althought the nay-sayers are transient of their responseswhich I sense a little bit of a bias on the colectors of these responses, nonetheless, at time professionals and scholars use high-flown jargon to explin a simple factor like how know-how affects and results its customers.

As social sharing websites like Friendster (2002), Myspace (2003), Facebook (2004) and the general pattern of blogging got here up, the learn-solely net” (if we follow Berners-Lee’s definition) grew to become the learn-write web” which was (and still is) all about sharing: individuals interact and collaborate with each other by sharing and commenting on user generated content material.