Eco-Friendly Technology and Examples

Environmentally Friendly Technology – Changes in modern times are evidently followed by the shrinking of human consciousness to care for the environment. Although in fact, the environment or nature around us is one of the most important factors for life. It is on this basis that humans then feel the need to make environmentally friendly technology.

What’s called environmentally friendly technology? Technology is all things that are created intentionally by humans through reason and knowledge to provide ease in everyday life.

Meanwhile, environmentally friendly means not to cause damage to the environment as human habitation. So in a simple way, the technological environment is a technology created to facilitate human life but does not cause damage or negatively impact on the environment around him.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

Such technology must be able to protect the environment. The trick can be diverse, for example, reduce pollutants that generally arise from technological devices, use natural resources in a balanced and prolonged, and provide the right handling of the wastes that may be generated from the technology.

The principle of this environmentally friendly technology there are six, namely Recycle, Recovery, Reduce, Reuse, Refine, and Retrieve Energy. Refine means using environmentally friendly materials and through a system that is safer than the previous technology.

Reduce means reducing the amount of waste by maximizing the use of materials. Reuse is reusing some unused or waste material and processed in different ways.

Recycle is almost the same with reuse, it’s just recycle to reuse materials or waste with the same system. Recovery means the use of special materials from waste to be processed for the benefit of others. Retrieve Energy is power savings in one production system.