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Making the Microsoft Excel Work for You – How to Use It Quickly and Effectively with Following Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Excel is meant to help you in making encoding of info, calculations, and conditional formatting easier. Do you know that you can save your time and effort by knowing and applying all these tips and shortcuts? Just make sure to click here to get started if you want to make use of all the shortcuts and tricks of Microsoft Excel. Do you know that you don’t need to copy and paste data on all the cells by just following the tips and tricks here mentioned. If you want to impress your colleagues or make your work faster and easier, then using these tips and tricks are all going for your benefit. Your boss will be one of your fans if you learn them all.

Pivot Tables. It will be easier for you to reorganize all the info in the spreadsheet and easily summarizing the value without the need for you to set or change the data by using pivot tables? To do this, you have to go to Data > Pivot Table. After the spreadsheet populates itself after hitting the “Pivot Table”, 4 options will be available for you to use. If you want to use only particular rows in the spreadsheet, then choose “report filter”. By using “Column Labels” the headers can be easily chosen from the spreadsheet. Do you know that you can choose the rows and use it from the spreadsheet by choosing the “Row Labels” option. Do you know that you can use this option, “Value” to give you an option to use max, min, sum, and average of numbers and data significant.

Transpose. The transpose option will allow you to move a set of info or table set into a new set of columns without the need for copying and pasting data. This is easily done by making sure to highlight the column that will be transposed, hit “Copy” after right-clicking. Choose the set of tables where you want to add the new set of data copied by clicking the “Paste Special” option.

Simple Calculations. The following are all the simple arithmetic options you can use in the Microsoft Excel:

o + sign for addition

o – sign for subtraction

o * sign for multiplication

o / sign for division

Using parenthesis it is easy to make several calculations using just one formula, for example, (56/98*8)+4-2. Another tip is you can both =Average (Cell Range) to average the set of numbers or use =Sum (Cell Range) to summarize column of numbers.

Other Shortcuts. Do this by going to the Data tab and hitting the “Filter” option. You can highlight a column or row then remove the duplicates using the “Remove Duplicates” option in the Data tab.

These tips and tricks are significant if you want to make the Microsoft Excel usage easier.

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