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Where Can One Find A Good Water Filter? You would probably get all confused with how many kinds there are for water filters with regards to their functions and their prices as well. People get even more confused when it comes to dealing with technical terms that they don’t even understand, that is why a customer must have done his research first and must know what exactly his needs are before buying the water filter of his choice. These water filters vary in a lot of ways, depending on which establishment will you use it with, since there are some who use them for personal reasons while there are other who utilize these water filters for their businesses. Before a person purchases a water filter, one must be able to not only check out on the price it has, but one must take into account a few other aspects.
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You must first know how much money do you actually splurge on bottled waters that are sold in stores who obviously give high prices. The bottled water industry would usually produce two liter bottles or five liter ones, but the thing is, the water inside these bottles usually are contaminated by all the substances that are being used through the making of the plastic bottle itself. Unfortunately, there are brands of bottled water to only use tap water for their products. A kind of tap water called the municipal tap water usually consists of a lot of chemicals and other micro organisms.
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According to studies, at least thirty to forty liters of water is consumed by every single family for one whole week, and that would estimate to at least a thousand and five hundred dollars per year. This does not include those people who drink fancy water brands that have higher prices. If your family is one of the few who like buying fancy stuff like those water bottles that are expensive, you can just double or triple the total amount. If you combine all your expenses on water and sum it all up, it can actually already be able to buy a good tap water filter. There is a list below as to what the various types of water filters are: The most popular and commonly used one is the jug type of water filter, since it is portable and it is very much effective in doing its job because of the filter cartridge in it. It is possible to use cheaper supermarket cartridges but these often leave an after taste and do not last as long. You may also opt to get a much more improved one that works exactly the same and has the same exact parts, except with a larger reservoir, since these usually last up to two months.