Reduce Your Gas Use With These Easy to Follow Tips

Do you sometimes feel like fuel prices are rising and rising with no signs of reducing? You aren’t alone. As the modern economy changes, gas prices are one of the first things to be affected, and often negatively.

While this leaves the majority of motorists to accept that they need to pay these prices and that there isn’t anything they can do, the truth of the matter that there is a lot you can do to reduce the amount of gas you use.

Keep reading to find out more.

Change Your Motor Oil

Inside your engine is a number of metal parts, all scraping and grinding up against each other at high speed and under enormous levels of pressure. As this happens, friction builds up, causing your engine to exert more energy just to perform its basic task.

Motor oil coats each of your engine parts and provides lubrication for the engine’s processes. Put simply, instead of clanging and scraping you get smooth and fluid interactions. The smoother your engine part interactions are, the less energy they need to operate, which means less gas used as you drive.

Change How You Drive

While it’s true that the cars on the Groupon Coupons page for Zipcar are high-quality and well maintained, but there is still more you can do to lower your gas usage as you drive them.

For example, instead of trying to get to the next red light as fast as you can, take it slow and see if you can time your drive so that the light is green by the time to arrive. Similarly, if there are aspects of your weekly routine which see you stuck in traffic, look for alternate ways to complete the errand that doesn’t involve you getting stuck in traffic burning precious fuel.

How Is Your Tire Pressure?

As you drive, friction builds up between the surface of your tires and the road. Similar to the friction inside your engine, this friction actively works against you, requiring your engine to exert more power to keep your wheels turning.

Increasing your tire pressure to the recommended levels and ensuring each tire has the same air pressure level can greatly improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, along with making your vehicle noticeably easier to steer.

Clean out Your Car

Despite what you might think, carrying around a team’s worth of sports gear in your car all week is going to increase your gas usage. Why? Because the more weight your car has to transport, the more gas it needs to use.

Make it a rule that you always empty the trunk of your car each evening as you return home. This way you will keep your car as light as possible.

When it comes to keeping your fuel costs down, you don’t have to be a mechanic to make a noticeable difference. The tips mentioned above are great ways for every motorist to reduce their gas usage and save some money.