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The Importance of Blaze Orange Hunting Clothes

Many hunters are angry and confused with the fact that it is now legalized to wear blaze orange camouflage when hunting as they think that this is a very big disadvantage because wearing orange will make them visible to the deer or the animals making it harder for them to hunt. The reason behind this is actually supported by a study at university of georgia In which it has been proven that there is actually cannot see the colour orange the way humans see as it appears to them as brown or grey and the purpose behind this collar is to protect the hunter’s from other hunters Especially accidents during hunting.

Hunters now actually have no right to get angry about this legislation as this is important for their own safety which is why over 40 states in the united states require hunters to wear at least a blaze orange piece of clothing for other hunters to identify and to prevent anymore hunting accidents.

There are many cases in which hunting accidents happen because of the following reasons.

First is when the victim is unintentionally shot because he was mistaken as a game target. Another situation that led to the accident is when the person who is shot Was actually out of sight by the hunter. Lastly is when the firearms are handled carelessly.

Some hunters may say that not all hunting shooting accidents are caused by vision however it has been shown by the records that about half of the incidents are caused by this. additionally there was a decrease in hunting accidents related to vision in areas where in hunters are mandated to wear blaze orange hunting clothes. Among other colours the colour orange has the highest visibility even at long distance.

Hunters who only hunt deer elk and booze benefits with this camouflage as these animals can only see colours blue green and grey and not wavelengths of red which includes orange. This is relatable to human so are colorblind fd cannot identify green from red.

The only downside to this is that other animals such as waterfowl and turkey have excellent eyesight and they can detect orange easily which is a disadvantage for the hunters of this particular animals. But hunters should not be of heavy hearts as they can still hunt without the mandate of wearing blaze orange camouflage provided that they only hunt this type of animals.

Go to the next level and protect your things or hunting gear with blaze orange camouflage. Hunters will still need to have an effective form of protection for their hunting equipment away from harmful elements. This is a very good technique done by reputable hunters as it is very easy and economical to protect your hunting gear and equipment.

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