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Ways of Losing Weigh and Testosterone Therapy in Men

Development of male sexual system and male secondary characteristics is stimulated by a hormone known as testosterone. It is produced in the testes of men reproductive system. Changes in both behavior and body of people are some of the several changes caused by testosterone. Some of the secondary characteristics in men are deepening of voice, growth of pubic hair, increase in body size and enlargement of the reproductive parts.

A drop in the level of testosterone in your body may lead to weight gain, loss of lean muscle, bulge body, low libido, erectile dysfunction, mood swings and depressions, lack of sleep and many other effects. Therefore it is important to ensure testosterone balance in the body of men to prevent its side effects. And in testosterone level in men’s body leads to weight loss so they go hand in hand with one another. There are very many ways of increasing the testosterone level in your body;

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Testosterone the level in the body may increase as a result of doing exercises such as pushups, press up, rope skipping, frog jumping, squats and many others. The the role played by training in men’s body is deemed as necessary as it increases testosterone level in their body and also weight loss. Your body is going to lose weight if the degree of testosterone rises in your system. However, you should avoid overdoing the exercises to the extent that you become exhausted. Testosterone the level in the body will rise as a consequence of the buildup of stress caused by too much exercise. 30-35 minutes is enough for the workout.
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Increase in testosterone level and weight loss may also be as a result of having enough sleep. You should rest for a minimum of eight hours to keep your testosterone level intact. When your body does not get enough sleep or rest, it going to lead to a buildup of stress in your body which will definitely lower the testosterone level in your body and turn increases your body weight. You will increase your testosterone degree in the body and lose weight if you go to bed early and wake up early.

Engaging in sexual activities more often also plays a vital role in increasing testosterone level in your body. Erection And more sexual intercourse increases the level of testosterone In the body which in turns leads to weight loss. Most of the married men tend to lose weight compared to their weight before they get married, this is as a result of increase in the level testosterone in the body.

Foods rich in fats are essential for boosting the level of testosterone in your body. It is advisable that you consider putting fatty foods like olive, nuts, beans, and fish to boost your testosterone level. Your body weight will reduce as a result of growth in the standard of testosterone in your body.